Teck10 partners with schools, businesses, and consults with individuals providing jenius solutions transforming and sustaining success for individual, team, organizational, space, and product success. 

Teck10 Terms

Teck10 is AMPed by award-winning educational & business leaders with a proven track record of creating new and jenius industry standard practice, products and solutions. 

AMPED Leadership - The Foundation and Cornerstone of Teck10's Climate, Culture, and Decision Making Process

  • Every person understands, celebrates, and owns their purpose

  • Each are trusted given the the autonomy with their mastered gifts to execute a job or task

  • Collaborative success is shared together as ONE unified team

Autonomy Mastery Purpose EDucation

spelled correctly 

Everyone has unique gifts and talents worthy of being called or labeled as a genius. We spell it correctly (incorrectly) with "j" because the current spelling and definition is easily associated with those who are extremely gifted on an assessment or have a photographic memory.


Regardless of education or title, jenius are the skills people possess which come natural and easy. Never to be cloned, it's a reflex and feeling often a challenge to explain when asked unless surrounded by those who share similar skills. 

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