Our approach to PD  looks and feels much different than industry standard one size fits all. In fact, it's jenius!

  • Personal first, then learning ensures we take time up front to understand your district's current vision and available resources. 

  • A complete systems check by expert T10 Elders in our roundtable review makes sure we deliver the right prescription to train, teach, and inspire vision for sustainability.

  • We guarantee our time on site with key stakeholders is efficient, valued, and  maximized for teacher and student growth. 



We bring the Teck10 party to your district and champion the teachers and leaders of all those in your school and community! 


Frequently asked Question - 

This must cost a fortune . We don't have funds for regular PD let alone this kind of crazy.


  • Current system and funding models requires decision making inside the box. We have created an entire new model and the box is your community. 

  • Our process starts with a  personalized  outline  for your summit based on information submitted prior to joining an admin meeting. Time is valued and maximized leveraging the expertise of district leaders and ours.

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